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We don’t just help you with your business goals. We can help you with your personal finance options as well. We know your time is important, so we do all the research to find you a great deal on a loan that is personalised to you.

Lawyers and Barristers can get access to attractive interest rates and better loan conditions because they work in a prestigious occupation; can earn higher incomes; and are usually a low risk to lenders. Take advantage of your hard work and contact us today to get a better deal.


First Home Buyers

Next Home Buyers

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First Home Buyers

It is a huge step buying your first home, so it is reassuring to know that Riordan Capital are available to guide you through the process. We can assist you with the following:

  • Understanding the home buying process.
  • Working out how much it will cost to buy your home and how much you can borrow.
  • Organising your home loan pre-approval.
  • Applying for first home buyer grants and concessions.
  • Supporting you all the way to owning your own home (and beyond).

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Your Next Home

As you have bought property before, you understand how time consuming shopping around for a great home loan can be. This time round though, your priorities may have changed and so too your financial circumstances, so staying with your current lender might not be the best way forward for you.

Riordan Capital can help you find the right loan for your new home. We can also assist with more complex scenarios including bridging finance, refinancing, and investment loans (if you decide to turn your existing home into an investment property).

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Investment Property Buyers

Thinking of buying an investment property? Look no further than Riordan Capital. There are a range of additional considerations to be had when buying an investment property. We can help you navigate these issues with confidence. Contact us to help you:

  • Start planning your investment property purchase.
  • Understand the basics of property investing and finance.
  • Pick the right investment property loan.
  • Review your existing investment property loans.

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We understand that circumstances change. You start a family, change jobs, get a promotion, or go through a marriage break up. But you don’t have to only use a broker when you are buying property. If your loan payments are causing you grief; you want to consolidate debts; or you are simply looking for a better deal, then get in touch with Riordan Capital.

In the meantime, take a look at our Loan Comparison Calculator, to see how much you could be saving by making the switch.



Personal Loans

We can help you with a personal loan for a range of purposes. You can use a personal loan to:

  • purchase a car.
  • pay for your wedding.
  • pay for a well-deserved holiday.
  • pay for renovations.
  • pay for cosmetic surgery.
  • consolidate debts from other loans, credit cards and store cards.

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